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A Special Interview with AnnMarie Pavese!

I am so so SO excited to introduce you all to AnnMarie Pavese! Not only is she a fabulous writer who draws you into worlds crafted with perfect attention to detail, and creates extraordinarily vibrant characters, but she's also a sweetheart! I have her to thank for helping guide me deeper into the writing community.

    In celebration of her debut novel, So Sang the Dawn, that has been released today (24th of November, available for sale on her website!) I'm going to be interviewing her. But first! Here's a little bit about AnnMarie!

AnnMarie Pavese lives in the mountains of Arizona, which were a huge inspiration in the creation of Frostholm. A former waitress and web designer, she unashamedly skipped college in order to pursue writing full-time. She spends her days writing, dog-momming, and mentoring other girls as they pursue their own writing dreams. She is obsessed with the woods and the cold and always writes best when it's raining or snowing.

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