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Beautiful People: Favourites Edition

It's sad to write this may be the last ever Beautiful People post I write. I've been participating in this link up (hosted by the lovely Cait and Sky) since I started my blog two years ago, and it's helped me develop my characters and stories so much! I've also met so many wonderful bloggers through it.

This edition is a farewell as well as a favourites edition, which is a bitter-sweet feeling. For all the character questions, I'm going to be answering them about Zeki, from my sequel to Golden Revenge, Silver Storm. Zeki is one of the major POVs, and for those of you who have read GR, Sefika's child. But for those of you who have no idea what that means, here's the start of Zeki's opening chapter, for some insight:

Zeki had more nicknames than friends. 
First, the unoriginal Straight Nose, then Tiny, then Slave, then as fists struck and shoved him daily, Blood Boy. There were a number of references to body parts when they itched their greasy scalps for ide…

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